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WordsWithAll = Word Wherewithal

Wherewithal: Having the means or resources for a particular purpose.

Board scores for Scrabble® and Words With Friends™

The score of a word in these games is far more than the sum of the letters.

Word scores are determined by what letters you play and where you play them on the board. The score of every word at every possible board position has been calculated, and the game scores listed in the WordsWithAll results are the lowest and highest possible board scores for that word. Merely adding up the letter points in a word is a very poor representation of that words worth, because except for short words, you can't play them without hitting a value square eg. double word, triple word, double letter, triple letter. Words with scores of 0 are not playable in these games. Either the word length exceeds the board size (15 letters max in both) or the frequency of letters in the games, blanks included, will not permit it.

Words already played limit your board choices and affect the scores. This is impossible to predict.

Game Playability

Keep in mind that we have no official word lists for either game. We can tell you only if you can make the word with the set of letters in these games, and where it is best played to maximize score. To play it or not play it is entirely your call.

Censored vs. Uncensored Wordlist

Like it or not, profanity, racial slurs, and other nasty words are a part of the language, and it offends some people more than others. The censored list is meant to be free from these words so it is the "safer" list to use. We have scoured the internet for nasty words, and so far have almost 2500 of them. All of these words are removed from the master lists, producing the censored list. The nasty words that are commonly used are in the uncensored list, but I refuse to add the rest of the cesspool because I think they contribute nothing useful to anyone. The cesspool list will not be made available to anyone for any purpose. The word lists are manually maintained, but mistakes happen, and there is no guarantee that the occasional nasty word won't creep into the censored list. If you spot one, let us know.

The wordlists are best effort but there is no guarantee of suitability.

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